LCL (Less-Than-Container Load)

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Optimize Transit Times and Minimize Costs with LCL Ocean Freight When you don't have enough cargo to fill an ocean freight container, S-LINE Supply Chain Solutions offers LCL service between major ports worldwide. We have an extensive network of capabilities and container freight stations. That means we can offer you space within a container that is shared with other customers’ goods to deliver economical usage-based costing, while providing Full-Container-Load (FCL) frequency, routing and visibility. As one of the world's leading Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC), we can provide LCL service that features:
  • Global network coverage - over 1,000 facilities in over 180 countries
  • Frequent sailings with fast transit times
  • Reliability and adherence to scheduled sailings
  • Competitive pricing
  • Shipment visibility for multiple freight modes
  • Capability of providing end-to-end solutions
LCL keeps goods moving in your supply chain because you can send them as soon as they are ready rather than waiting until you have a full container. The following services are included:
  • Receipt of customer’s cargo at the origin Container Freight Station (CFS)
  • Consolidation of customer’s cargo with cargo from similarly situated merchants
  • Issuance of house bill of lading
  • Ocean shipment
  • Deconsolidation at destination CFS and release to consignee
  • Capability of providing end-to-end solutions
LCL service can be effectively combined with these service offerings to provide an end-to-end solution
  • Supplier Management, for effective management of vendors and goods prior to shipment
  • Transportation of goods to CFS for consolidation
  • Freight insurance and financing products from S-LINE Capital
  • Customs Brokerage services for entry and clearance
  • Transportation of shipment and delivery to consignee following deconsolidation at destination CFS
Our LCL service is unique because it adheres to fixed scheduling, operates with S-LINE economies of scale, and fully integrates with our superior visibility tools and broad portfolio of value-added services.